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Subject:Help please?
Time:09:14 pm
Current Mood:bouncybouncy
Does anyone know where I could get some good Q icons? He's my favorite character but I can't find to many icons with him.
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Subject:New Data fan art
Time:02:44 pm

Data and Borg Queen Kiss
by =SelinaEnriquez on deviantART

Resistance is Futile
by =SelinaEnriquez on deviantART

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Time:12:40 pm
I created a new comm men_of_trek because I wanted a community with an active maintainer ;) And it's more open then: you can post anything related to "the male site of trek" fanart, discussion topics, news, other media,...
So please go there, join and post! *g*

and to make this legal (not that it matters ;))

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Subject:Leave it to Sulu! Please Vote!
Time:11:45 am
Current Mood:excitedexcited
Hi everyone! I am a semi-finalist in an online Pilot-Pitching contest, hosted by the New York Television Festival!
My idea is a Star Trek sitcom called “Leave it to Sulu”, which will take place in the Star Trek universe, but have sitcom themes and conventions. It’ll be like Cheers, 300 years in the future!  If I win the contest, I hope to have George Takei reprise his role of Hikaru Sulu.
Read my pitch below, or go watch the video of me attempting to pitch in 1 minute at the website, and if you like what you read/see, vote for me!
The link to the contest is: http://tv.msn.com/nytvf/contest/pitch
I am listed under “Duncan: Leave it to Sulu”.
Actually watching my pitch is not necessary to vote, but it would be nice if you watched them all.
In order to see the video, you should be running Internet Explorer, and using a PC- macs do not work, unless you’re running something called “boot camp”.
Voting runs today (Wednesday the 23rd) through Friday the 25th)
12 a.m. - 12 a.m. PST (3 a.m. - 3 a.m. EST). Please vote as soon as possible!
The finalists will pitch to a celebrity panel of executives at the 2006 NYTF, and then the winner will get an $8,000 network TV pilot production deal. This is very exciting, so please vote! 

Leave it to Sulu – Going Where No Show Has Gone Before.

This idea is not, as yet, affiliated with Star Trek, George Takei, or any of the Roddenberries. Just an idea whose time has come.

X-posted everywhere- if you know anyone who might be interested, please pass on the info.
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Subject:An Amusing RP
Time:11:02 pm
Current Mood:amusedamused
I -finally- got my sister to make a Garak account on yahoo for some rp. And well, this was the result of a few hours in a chat room, which was happily intrrupted by TNG! Happily, I say, because...well...Its TNG. That explains it all. Anyways, if anyone cares to read it, here it is. Its...um, well, I think its fairly amusing in an entertaining sort of way. *gigglenserks and slinks away*

Hope this at least makes You SmileCollapse )
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Time:11:38 pm
Walter Koenig as Bester in Babylon5 1x06 mind war

59 pics aheadCollapse )

I'm planing on make other B5 Pic Spams anything/anyone I should concentrate on?
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Current Music:the Picard Song - Dark Materia
Subject:Dear Brother Lore.
Time:07:09 pm
Current Mood:amusedamused
I drew this for my rpg profile (I belong to a Star Trek rpg forum where I rp both Data and Lore. I find them to be absolutely fascinating. They are my muse!)

The yellow...reminds me of a banana suit, I may try to alter that. Some people like the color, some people don't...I kind of hate it, but at the same time it makes me giggle.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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Current Music:My sister playing an electric guitar.
Subject:Do you iData?
Time:05:23 pm
Current Mood:amusedamused
I made this the other day, and finished it up this afternoon. Its...um, part of an inside joke you could say.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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Subject:I made this list at 3:00am last week. Hope it makes you guys laugh!
Time:04:07 pm
You Know You're A Trekkie When:

1. Everytime you get tea, no matter the flavor, you say out loud, "Computer. Tea. Earl Grey. Hot."
2. You become addicted to Earl Grey tea.
3. You watch 5 hours or more of Star Trek every day...
4. You decided that Spike TV is tolerable, because it plays 5 hours of Star Trek.
5. Suddenly, your sketch book and notebooks are filled with doodles of your favorite characters, or your own personal Vulcan character.
6. You start rping as your favorite star trek character.
7. You start a star trek rpg group.
8. Decidedly, rping isn't enough so you create an lj journal for your character that you attempt to update on a daily basis.
9. You think paying $50 for a TNG season is a good deal.
10. Hell. You'll settle for $70 as a good deal.
11. You start buying dolls of your favorite charaters off E-bay.
12. You get a strong, strong desire to start calling your cats "Spot."
13. You believe Tasha and Data could have made an adorable couple.
14. You believe that Odo and Kira are the cutest couple in Star Trek history.
15. You know the song, "Life forms" and sing it. Catchy tune, that.
16. You check the mail religiously, everyday, for your Star Trek e-bay items.
17. You buy a pin that looks like the communication badge, and place it on your favorite hoodie or jacket...in the proper location on the left side.
18. ...you actually pretend its useable, and tap it in public, and talk out loud to your "Captain."
19. When your best friend buys one, you both take part in this. And one of you is labeled "Captain." and the other "Number One."
20. You recieve e-cards signed by "The Captain."
21. you collect star trek icons for lj and other community sites.
22. your pictures file is full of random images of your favorite characters.
23. Your little brother(or sister) is influenced into being a Trekkie.
24. You tell your mom you are cultured...because you watch Star Trek and learn about various Alien cultures.
25. watching the science channel becomes another hobby.
26. A new interest/fascination in outter space occurs.
27. You don't watch TNG only because of the characters, but because of the philosophical and pyschological themes that arise.
28. You take out your elf ears, put them on, and tell your family you're a Vulcan.
29. You get a strong desire to design Futuristic clothing.
30. You begin to find older, balding men kind of attractive, but ONLY if they resemble Picard. Because he's sexy.
31. You tell your friends which crew member reminds you of them.
32. Jokes about physics are suddenly hilarious.
33. You refuse to answer the phone while watching Star Trek...because it would be an interruption.
34. OR. You do answer the phone, you scold the other person for interrupting your favorite tv show.
35. You wonder if contact with aliens is possible, and gaze up at the sky sending out mental notes asking, "Is anyone out there?"
36. You believe Data brings a whole new sexiness to gambling.
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Current Music:Spike TV Commercial Chorus.
Subject:What I do while being bored?
Time:02:08 pm
Current Mood:amusedamused
I did some fanart...because...I was bored, you could say. And drawing is relaxing...Anyways, these were just for fun. n.n

Wandering Thoughts of an AndroidCollapse )

Conversations between Mr. Spock and Mr. DataCollapse )
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[icon] Star Trek Men Daily
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You're looking at the latest 10 entries.
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